I realise it's over a year since I last paid any attention to what I grandly called my BLOG. A kind reader e-mailed Sri the other day and said the site as a whole seems a bit deserted. So ...


Hullo. I'm Roger, Sri's husband. I'm stowing away in this little corner of her website just so I can try blogging and see if I like it. I'm going to write about anything that takes my fancy, though at my age you might say I'm past fancying anything. Wrong!

I was in a greeting card shop the other day, browsing through a rack full of cards illustrated with New Yorker cartoons. Part of New Yorker artists' staple fare is the cartoon showing two domestic animals, usually dogs and/or cats, talking to each other. This one had two dogs on the street. One is saying to the other, "I had a blog for a while, but now I've gone back to barking aimlessly." It's just the sort of line James Thurber would have hit on with delight. I intend to bark, but will try to aim at something, trivial or not.