SrionMinervaII.jpgThis is all about my favourite subject - good food. I've been cooking, eating, learning, teaching and writing about food for over forty-five years, and today I enjoy it more than ever.

You may have come to this site to look for information about my cooking demonstrations, workshops and courses. For more than five years, I've reluctantly had to stop doing these, apart from occasional events at home or abroad. It's a little while since my last book, SRI OWEN’S INDONESIAN FOOD, was published, and my recent Guild of Foodwriters' 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award notwithstanding, I'm not sure I'm ready to embark on another book project. I’ve decided to go back to doing what I like best: teaching and giving cookery demonstrations. I’m happy to consider invitations from cookery schools in the UK to give cookery classes, as I am ‘a travelling cookery teacher’. However, I would prefer to teach here in my own kitchen in Wimbledon, southwest London. These are on a one-to-one basis, or to a maximum of 4 people at one time. Please contact me direct for these intermediate / advanced cooking classes or hands-on sessions.

What I will do by way of writing is to put regular entries into my journal and weblog, not every day, but at least once or twice a week. I shall continue to write a little about visits to restaurants and food enjoyed with friends outside my own home. But I will mainly feature and discuss recipes from my books, classes and dinners, bowing to the persistent requests by my students and guests. My focus will be on Indonesian cuisine both traditional and modern, and my aim, as ever, to make my recipes easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions accompanied by additional cooking tips and photos.

I'll have more to say about these in my blog. There, too, I shall be adding, from time to time, links to pages that I have found useful or fun during my researches into food and drink on the Web.

I have recently come across exciting and inspiring new talents in the area of Southeast Asian cuisine, and I would like to share with you opportunities to read their words and sample their food - you will find listings of their work and upcoming events in the News section.

Finally, I have taken a slightly sad but necessary decision to downsize my vast collection of cookery books, encompassing a wide variety of global cuisines. Some of my longstanding favourites have already found good homes with friends; others have been donated to culinary libraries; but many are still looking for eager new owners. You will find regularly updated listings of Books for Sale in the new side panel section of that name.

Take a look around these pages now, and come back again . Please also leave your questions and comments.